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Exercise Books

7 Steps To A Pain-Free Life
Robin McKenzie

If you have been diagnosed with a disk problem in your back or neck, this book may be helpful to you. More richly detailed and in-depth than his previous books, this volume is illustrated with over 100 photos and liberally peppered with real-life case histories. Starting with an analysis of how the back and neck work, it moves on to a discussion of the common causes of pain - bad posture is most often to blame. At the core is a detailed explanation of how to do the McKenzie Method exercises, when to apply them, and how to adjust your personal program over time.

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Advances in Exercise Immunology
Laurel T. MacKinnon

The relationship between exercise and the immune system. MacKinnon includes clinical applications as well as the future of exercise immunology.

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Awareness Through Movement
Moshe Feldenkrais

Thousands have found renewed health and increased sensory awareness through the Feldenkrais method as explained in Awareness Through Movement. Here is a way for people of every age to integrate physical and mental development into a new invigorating wholeness. Exercises for posture, eyes, imagination, and more will simultaneously build better body habits and focus new dimensions of awareness, self-image, and human potential.

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Brain Gym: Teacher's Edition
Revised by Paul and Gail Dennison

Brain Gym is a method whereby brain functions are accessed by performing simple physical movements, and these movements have been found to profoundly improve ADD/ADHD/Dyslexic conditions as well as other learning disabilities. This series of exercises, drawn from all areas of movement ranging from calisthenics, to eye exercises to acu-pressure points, have been found to optimally affect brain function. They are all easy and take only minutes to do, and they get immediate, verifiable results. They help students and professionals of all ages learn faster, improve memory and coordination, and reduce stress of adjusting to new situations or learning foreign or difficult tasks.

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Bringing Yoga To Life
Donna Farhi

Counter to the plethora of seven-step solutions and quick-fix formulas offered by so many contemporary self-help guides, the ancient science of Yoga does not pretend to be simple, quick, or easy. It is a practice that takes into account the very messy and often complex phenomenon of what we call a human being and the equally challenging task of everyday living. What Yoga does promise, however, is that through sincere, skillful, and consistent practice, anyone can become peaceful, happy, and free.

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Designing Resistance Training Programs
Steven J. Fleck and William J. Kraemer

A comprehensive yet technical guide to strength training and program design. An understanding of anatomy and exercise physiology allows easier comphrehension of the material provided.

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Duraball Pro

Increase balance, strength and refine performance. You can even use them at your desk as a chair! The DuraBall Pro balls are university tested to the following limits: 45cm through 65cm ball 2500lbs static load, burst resistant up to 1000lbs. 75cm ball 2000lbs static load, burst resistant up to 800lbs.

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Explosive Power & Strength
Don Chu

The best in sports conditioning now combines plyometric, resistance, and sprint training. Explosive Power and Strength not only offers these three training methods in one, but also shows you how to create individualized, sports-specific programs. Donald Chu has been a conditioning consultant for the Golden State Warriors, Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Lions, Chicago White Sox, and the United States Tennis Association. In Explosive Power & Strength he offers athletes, coaches, and strength and conditioning specialists the most innovative and effective training methods available.

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Lactate Threshold Training
Peter Janssen

Explains the theory behind lactate threshold training for success in endurance athletes, and offers heart-rate based training programs, tests for self-assessment of lactate threshold, guidelines for avoiding overtraining, advice on nutrition, and workout examples of elite endurance athletes. For elite and recreational athletes, trainers, sports physicians, and coaches. Janssen is recognized as a pioneer in lactate threshold training. He runs a sports medicine advisory center. Copyright 2004 Book News, Inc. Portland, OR

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Modern Trends in Strength Training: Volume 1 Sets Reps, Second Edition
Charles Poliquin

This book is both the ideal reference for the coach and the ultimate self-help resource for the athlete. One of the most accomplished strength coaches in the world, Charles Poliquin has an international coaching resume boasting over 400 Olympians, including nine medal winners at the Lillehammer Olympics, 60 professional hockey players, and world championship professional teams such as the Chicago Bulls and the Denver Broncos. This book explains the proven scientific theories behind sets and reps, and teaches you effective ways to help your athletes become bigger, stronger, or both.

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