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Slow Death by Rubber Duck
Rick Smith & Bruce Lourie

Our homes and our workplaces are not as safe as we think. They're creating a chemical soup inside us. In "Slow Death by Rubber Duck: How the Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Life Affects Our Health" the authors use themselves as petri dishes as they take in the chemicals we're exposed to through every day actvities. The serious matter of the book is told in an entertaining and even inspiring way. A must read for anyone who eats, breaths and lives on this earth, especially if you have kids.

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End of Food
Thomas F. Pawlick

Pawlick is a Canadian journalist and part-time farmer who exposes the modern food system in "End of Food: How the Food Industry is Destroying Our Food Supply And What You Can Do About It." With a food industry that holds profits as a higher priority than nourishment, we're the ones who suffer the consequences. As citizens we can take action and suggestions are included in the book.

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