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The Anti-Aging Exercise Solution DVD

“It’s not the years in the life. It’s the life in the years.” Abraham Lincoln
The Anti-Aging Exercise Solution DVD is a complete workout for the exercise enthusiast and the wannabe from age 40 to 100. The power of the exercise is in the details! Regain strength and flexibility. Reverse postural weaknesses. Beginner, intermediate, advanced routines.

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Wellness Tips is loaded with health tips to help you eat healthy, reduce stress, eliminate toxins and deal with physical ailments. All of my health and wellness tips are based on foundational wellness principles that follow the laws of nature. Here are some of the many ways to get started on the road to a healthier, happier life.

Wellness Principles Form the Basis of Good Health

There are seven foundational wellness principles that form the basis of health and wellness. Each principle follows the laws of nature because that is the only way to sustain good health. The wellness principles are:

Within each principle there are opportunities to make good or bad choices. If you make poor choices, illness may result. If you make good choices, over time you may achieve vibrant health. The principles may seem simple, and they are in a way. But in today’s world of artificial and processed foods, artificial light, toxins, limited or inappropriate exercise, and constant stress, living by these simple principles can be very challenging. The more you control your lifestyle and make healthy choices, the closer you get to wellness. Learn more about each of the foundational wellness principles by selecting from the menu to the left.

Applying the Wellness Principles to Specific Health Issues

Many of us (or our friends or family members) face health problems. By applying the wellness principles to specific health issues you can learn new and effective ways to deal with chronic problems. Learn more about specific health issues and how to apply the foundational wellness principles.

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Ready to go for it? I invite you to contact me if you are serious about making changes to your lifestyle and transforming your health. I am available for email or phone consultations for people who are serious about applying the wellness principles to their lives.

Additional Resources about Health, Nutrition and Diets

Not ready for a personal consultation, but want to learn more? I have compiled a list of readings and resources to help you learn more about the wellness principles and how to apply them to your life. Have a look at the many resources that comply with the foundational wellness principles.

Information provided through this site and personal consultations are for educational purposes only. It is not meant to treat any particular medical condition or disease. Should you have a specific health concern, please see your doctor.